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Family Time Before I go-go

I can’t believe I’m all packed up! I have come to love San Francisco to a point beyond description; it has a special place in my heart…a pretty big one actually, more like a king-size bed kind of place!

But now, I’ve made my way down south and I’m going to spend some time with the family before I head out to Lebanon. I’m really happy to be here with last few months being full of packing and organizing I didn’t have much time to come down to LA to see the family and the our newest addition, Eliana, my sister’s baby.

Today we celebrated Eliana’s arrival! The whole family got together and we had yummy Afghani food (courtesy of my brother-in-law’s mother), cake and lots of laughs. Eliana is now 2 months old and she’s so cute. My older niece, Sophia, is extremely close to her and wants to take care of her all the time. It’s super cute!

The family and I at Eliana's party

So Long, San Francisco!

When I talk about San Francisco and the friends I have made there over the years I can’t help but smile! The Fog City has treated me with nothing but love and happiness the past 4 years and I can’t even begin to describe how sad I am to leave it.

My last days in San Francisco have been wonderful: Spending time with friends, my roommates and I threw a big pre-Bay2Breakers party at our house, there was Bay2Breakers itself with not even a drop of rain (contrary to the weather forecast) and of course lots of eating!

On Tuesday, my wonderful friends came together at Lucky 13 Bar to bid me farewell. Christine, the amazing artist, made me a wonderful poster for people to put their Bon Voyage messages for me. As the night went on the words of love and support filled the poster!

Bon Voyage poster - courtesy of master artist Christine Concho

I’m going to miss everything about this city, even it’s fog, but I’m mostly going to miss my lovely friends!

Until we meet again!