The Kiva Thing!

A few months ago, I was sitting with my roommate, Liz, back in my apartment in San Francisco. We were both talking about the future and what we want to do and all those quarter-life-crisis questions about life and what really matters that I’m sure you’re all aware of.  She mentioned that her friend, Caitlin, is going on a Kiva Fellowship. I had heard of Kiva before and thought it was an amazing idea, but I really didn’t understand the WHAT – HOW of it all!

Later that evening, I remember staying up all night on the Kiva website reading about how it all started and listening to this amazing TED talk by Jessica Jackley, co-founder of I was so inspired by the idea of using internet technology for a greater good. That night I remember going to bed with a sense of excitement.

A few weeks later, Liz introduced me to Caitlin and we met up. We talked about Kiva and her upcoming fellowship. I was so incredibly excited by the idea that I started working on my application that week. And a few weeks later I completed my application and submitted it. As part of the Kiva Fellowship application each applicant is requested to submit a Motivation Statement on a WordPress blog to prove that the applicant is in fact capable of blogging – here is mine for your enjoyment.

In mid-November, I received my acceptance letter to the Kiva Fellowship program for the KF15 Class departing in May. I know I’m going to the Middle East somewhere – Kiva works in Lebanon (serving Iraq), Jordan (newly added) and Palestine at the moment. My first choice is The West Bank, Palestine, but I’m excited about the idea. So much planning is going to have start happening.



About Heba Gamal

Passionate & Opinionated by nature. Travelever by addiction. Techie by association. Nerdy by choice. Activist by coincidence.

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